A showcase for all things Communications Technology, students have harnessed their digital media production skills to become and grow as effective communicators – living their faith, provoking thinking, and learning how to decode media and popular culture for meaning. From graphic layout to original video productions, the boys are flourishing as digital new media artists.

Electronic Press Kits from Semester 1 Gr. 12 Comm-Tech

With the goal to combine creative layout design with video editing along with web application and advertisements, students in Gr. 12 Communications Technology leveraged their creative design (print, video and web) and communication skills to design professionally polished Electronic Press Kits – a vital tool to share marketing materials for popular and independent films.

Click on the images below for web-access:

Dunkirk.jpgKSR.jpegAS.jpegdeadpool_ver5.jpgDeadpool_(film)_poster_008.jpgla la land.jpegBoruto_the_Movie_poster_2.pngITInception-movie-posterBaby_Driver_poster.jpg

Movie Trailers from Semester 1 Gr. 11 Comm-Tech 

Evolving beyond its role as a mere marketing tool for the latest Hollywood epic, the movie trailer has taken on a life of its own in the streaming age. Whereas trailers stemming as far back at the 1920s were about selling the “grandeur” of  film as a new technology and mode of storytelling, the trailers of today are epic short movies in their own right. Garnering attention world wide in minutes of their release online, movie trailers today have become part of the movie itself – an extension of story and style.

Produced in Gr. 11 Communications Technology, students demonstrated their critical understanding of genre through  the development and production of original movie trailers. Check them out below!

Commercials from Semester 1 Gr. 10 Comm-Tech

Produced in Gr. 10 Communications Technology as an introduction to both conventions of video production and “selling a brand,” students in small groups developed and produced original television/web commercials for popular brands. From all aspects to video production and editing, students harnessed new multi-modal skills to produce dynamic original works.














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